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The LORV Section of the STLE is the latest addition to the organization with around 40 members. We are fortunate to have a vibrant community of engineers and scientists that participate in numerous technical meetings, manufacturing tours and social events throughout the year.

Our home base is The Center. The Center is a unique meeting space in Indianapolis designed to facilitate discoveries and connections. It is a place where people and partners can come together to be engaged and inspired to drive growth across the Heritage Group.

The active Executive Committee, with its numerous sub-committees, organizes activities such as:

  • Quarterly technical meetings (showcasing the latest developments in tribology, chemistry and engineering)

  • Joint technical sessions with other industry organizations

  • Site visits and manufacturing facilities

  • Directory (showcasing the year's events, members from the Section and local sponsors)

  • Outreach (encompassing Membership, STEM, Scholarship & Science Fair Programs)



If you would like to know more about the STLE, join, or volunteer your services, please visit the national site or contact one of our outreach committee members.

We have started our sponsorship drive for the STLE-LORV Technical meetings. The continued support of our sponsoring companies, members and friends helps support our Section activities and functions including scholarships and science fair awards for students, and monthly technical meetings. Please consider the visibility your company will gain from sponsoring our technical sessions. Sponsorship rates start at a mere $50. Contact Debby Neubauer  for more information.



6320 Intech Way, Indianapolis, IN 46278

Each year the STLE-LORV section of STLE partners with the STLE national organization to offer scholarships for students interested in pursuing a career in tribology and lubrication. Eligible students include graduate students and students who have completed their 2nd year or greater of undergraduate study.


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